After you receive your ZampleBox for the month you can rate the juices you received! This is now done via a 1-5 star rating system. Please note, if you up vote certain flavors we will do our very best to put similar (but not the same) flavors in future ZampleBox's. So this will affect your future boxes. Here is how you do this! 

1. Go to the Login Page and login with your email address and password.

2. Navigate to the User Account Dashboard page by following the Account link in the top right section of the homepage.

3. Locate the ZampleBox you want to rate in the My Boxes section on the right hand side of the Dashboard page and click the 'Rate Your Liquids' button

4. After clicking on the green "Rate Your Liquids" button, your flavor menu will pop up. From here you can rate the flavors you received! You can rate each flavor from 1-5 stars and based on that, we'll try to select or avoid similar flavors based on the information you give us. 

Please note: that rating your flavors is crucial for us to be able to know what you want/like inside of your monthly box.