We are distributing consumable goods. This is similar to purchasing a box of cigarettes or a bottle of alcohol. You cannot return these items to the distributor. 


For example, even in the rare event that we send you the incorrect product, we still do not accept a returned item.. In such a case, it is our standard procedure to immediately send you the correct product and let you keep the incorrect product. In no circumstance do we want to receive back the existing product as we refuse to send our customers products which have been previously sold and returned. 


What about damaged products?

If the product arrives damaged we do make exceptions, if you receive any product that is damaged/leaking please reach out to us so we can make things right. You can contact us in 3 different ways:

  1. You can follow easy steps on our Support Center

  2. You can write to us at

  3. You can reach us through chat right from the website, or you can give us a call  at (650) 437-9269


 PLEASE NOTE: Always send pictures of the product that is damaged/leaking, if pictures cannot be sent then our assistance is very limited. 

Should your order be returned to sender, we will reach out to you requesting either an updated shipping address, or approval to refund your order less the shipping charge originally paid. Orders that are returned to sender will require a reshipment charge equal to the original shipping charge on your order. If we do not receive an updated shipping address within 5 business days, we will refund your order less the shipping charge.