There could be a few different reasons such could happen.

First of all, it is essential to note that most orders are being processed within 2-7 business days after payment has gone through.

If you’ve recently ordered from Zamplebox, or you’re expecting a box from your subscription renewal for the month, you will know that it has been processed successfully when you see in your dashboard something like the one below:

If it has been more than seven business days from the time your order is placed or from your supposed renewal date and you are not seeing the notice above or you have been seeing it for more than seven business days, it is likely that:

  • There was a problem with processing the payment.

  • There are bottles in your order that are out of stock in the warehouse.

  • You have reserved bottles that are out of stock.

  • We are experiencing difficulties fulfilling orders in the warehouse due to some circumstances.

We usually send out communications through email if one of the above occurs. In most cases, we would wait for a response from you on how you would like to proceed. So the sooner we hear back from you, the better, and the quicker we could get to process your orders.

If you are a first-time member and it has been more than two business days, and you haven’t received any notifications such as the one above, it is likely that:

  • You failed in the age verification process

  • There was a problem with processing the payment

  • Your address is incorrect/insufficient and needs to be corrected

  • There are bottles in your order that are out of stock in the warehouse

We would notify you through email with what is causing the snag, and we would be working closely with you to get your order going. The sooner you respond, the sooner we could move forward and put your orders through.

And as the order is successfully processed, next comes shipping. When your order has shipped out, you should see something like the one below:

From here, you can track your package through the “Track your Box” button. The tracking information is synched up with what is on USPS’s end.

If you do not see updates on the tracking information:

  • It is likely that the package is currently in transit from one place to another, but that update can be seen on the tracking information later, or a few days after. This is something that is totally out of our control and is more on the postal service’s side of things.

  • There might be challenges on USPS’s end that are preventing them from being able to ship in a timely manner eg, weather conditions, courier errors, a higher volume of shipments, especially during holidays, state, or national government-ordered halting of shipping operations, etc.

Ultimately, if you’re having any issues with delayed shipments, you may contact us here.