How do I know if my order went through successfully?

If the order is successful, provided the payment went through seamlessly (and for first-time customers, the ID verification was successful) you should see something on your dashboard like the one below:

You can see details of the ordered juice, the order date, the total amount that you paid for, the order #, and the tracking information right in one place.

If you don't see anything like the one above, 48 hrs after you placed the order, it might have run into a snag. In most cases, we would notify you through email if such is the case. However, if you don't hear anything from us, please feel free to reach out. We will work closely with you on getting that order going!

Help! I made a mistake with my order and need to make changes to it!

The best thing to do is to contact us right away. Ultimately, it is best to make sure that you double-check your order before completing the purchase. But mistakes and oversights happen, and that's normal! The key here is to reach out to us ASAP as there is only so little leeway for us to be able to make changes or cancel the order between the time that it was placed and when it has processed. However, if you were only able to contact us after the order has been processed, there is nothing we can do on our end.

My order status says, "Unfulfilled". What does this mean? 

Unfulfilled means that we haven't shipped your order yet. This does not reflect the payment status or inventory. Once your order has shipped, the order status will show as fulfilled.

What carrier do you use for shipping? 


USPS First Class: usually delivers within 3-5 business days


USPS First Class: 3-4 weeks

Where can I find the tracking information/number?

Once your order is prepared for shipment, you will receive a shipping confirmation email notifying you that your order has shipped. This email will also contain your tracking number. Another place where you can see it is here:

I received my order, and there's something wrong!

If there is an issue with your order, broken bottles, wrong flavors, nicotine levels, etc. please take a picture immediately and contact us. We will make it right for you!

My order that was shipped internationally is being returned by customs. What do I do now? 

Such a bummer! But fear not! As soon as your order is returned to us, we will send you an email to let you know your order is received and either reship your order for a reshipment charge, or refund you for the purchase less the shipping cost originally paid.

I have Zbucks on my account. Can I use those to pay for an order?

You definitely can! That is what it's there for. However, in order for the zbucks to be usable for retail payments, you would need to have accumulated at least $25 on your account. In using Zbucks for payments, on the checkout page, on the section that says, "how do you wanna pay?" simply choose "from your ZBucks." See screenshot below: