We apologize if the unsealed bottles appeared alarming when your box arrived! ZampleBox doesn't do any bottling or manufacturing ourselves, so although we encourage our partners to use shrink wrap seals on their lids, they do each have their own unique bottling practices that we don't ultimately have control over. We have been pushing our vendors to use plastic bottles which are usually sealed and also are very difficult to have leak or be damaged in transit! 

You can rest easy knowing that ZampleBox never opens these bottles ourselves. We simply send them on to members in the same state we receive them (after a thorough visual inspection for damage, defects, or expiration dates of course!). 

We take our commitment to providing a safe, high-quality product very seriously. We hope you'll let us know if any of your bottles ever arrive in bad condition- this will allow us to take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again, and give us the opportunity to make it right for you!