ZampleBox ships all across the US, including military bases and overseas territories! Our goal is to serve the whole US, but following recent regulations in many states, we've had to implement a few new policies, which vary based on your shipping address. Some states require age verification as part of their regulations, but as a matter of policy ZampleBox has decided to verify the age of all users, even in states that have not passed related regulation at this time. 

Read more about US Federal regulations on our blog:



U.S. States

Alabama - No problems.

Alaska - No problems.

Arizona - No problems.

Arkansas - No problems.

California - No problems. State regulations prevent sales to individuals under 21 years of age (military is exempt). Phone notifications for nicotine purchases are also required, so after your purchase you can expect an automated phone message from us before shipment can occur. Please make sure you put a current, valid phone number on file!

Colorado - No problems.

Connecticut - No problems.

Delaware - No problems.

Florida - No problems.

Georgia - No problems.

Hawaii - No problems.

Idaho - No problems.

Illinois - No problems.

Indiana - No problems.

Iowa - No problems.

Kansas - No problems.

Kentucky - No problems.

Louisiana - No problems.

Maine - No problems.

Maryland - No problems.

Massachusetts - No problems.

Michigan - No problems.

Minnesota - No problems.

Mississippi - No problems.

Missouri - No problems.

Montana - No problems.

Nebraska - No problems.

Nevada - No problems.

New Hampshire - No problems.

New Jersey - No problems.

New Mexico - No problems.

New York - No problems. State regulations require child-safe caps. Read more here

North Carolina - No problems.

North Dakota - No problems.

Ohio - No problems.

Oklahoma - No problems.

Oregon - No problems.

Pennsylvania - No problems.

Rhode Island - No problems.

South Carolina - No problems.

South Dakota - No problems.

Tennessee - No problems.

Texas - No problems. State regulations require age verification for online sales.

Utah - No problems.

Vermont - No problems.

Virginia - No problems.

Washington - No problems.

West Virginia - No problems.

Wisconsin - No problems.

Wyoming - No problems.

U.S. Districts, Territories & Military addresses

Washington DC - No problems.

Military (APO, FPO, etc.) - No problems.

American Samoa - No problems.

Guam - No problems.

Northern Mariana Islands - No problems.

Puerto Rico - No problems.

U.S. Virgin Islands - No problems.

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