Q: What is ZampleBox doing to serve members in countries affected by TPD?

A: There are two groups. The first group of countries, we'll be sending 0mg boxes to with 18mg nicotine shots on the side so that they can mix their nic level to their preference. The second group, we're only able to send 0mg boxes to without the nicotine for the time being.

Q: Why only 0mg boxes with nicotine shots on the side? That seems complicated.

A: Because applicable TPD regulations don't allow flavored eliquids to be sold by us to you with nicotine mixed in. However, we are allowed to sell flavored eliquids without nicotine, and unflavored eliquids with nicotine, so boom! Solution.

Q: Which countries get the nicotine shots with their 0mg boxes?

A: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, & The UK.

Q: Which countries only get 0mg boxes (without the nicotine shots) now?

A: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Portugal, Romania, & The Netherlands.

Q: Will the countries that don't currently have access to the nicotine shots ever be able to get them?

A: We're hopeful that we'll be able to expand service to re-include these countries while abiding by all EU regulations and the national regulations of each country. It takes time, but we're working hard!

Q: Why are you able to send nicotine shots to some countries but not others?

A: The long and short of it is that the countries that we're sending the nicotine shots to went out of their way to make regulatory compliance simpler, easier, faster etc. than the countries that we're currently unable to serve.

Q: When will ZampleBox have TPD compliant nicotine eliquids?
A: Because of the extreme complexity of the requirements for TPD compliant nicotine eliquids, the industry hasn't caught up with compliance. We hope that the availability of TPD compliant nicotine eliquids will increase to the point where we can rely on them to offer you the variety we pride ourselves on, but that timeline is open-ended.

Q: Can I get eliquids with nicotine via the ZampleBox Retail Store?
A: No, we're currently only able to sell 0mg eliquids in TPD countries. We are able to sell nicotine shots along with the 0mg eliquids to the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and The UK.

Q: How do I use the Nicotine Shots?

A: We will put an insert in all the shipments with directions to how to use. It will be clear and actually really easy! Let us know if you need any more help with this.