ZBucks are a new feature on our site! A good way to think of them is store credit. At this time, ZBucks are offered as part of our new referral program, and as a resolution for some types of issues submitted through our automated support portal.

If you have any ZBucks, you'll be able to see them on the bottom left side of your user dashboard.

To ensure that any ZBucks you have will be used on your next purchase, just use the 'Use ZBucks?' toggle, also on your user dashboard


ZBucks may be spent like regular money on our store for hardware, e-juice and can also be applied automatically to your subscription renewal as a discount off of your monthly box!

PLEASE NOTE: Zbucks can only be used after a member reaches 25 zbucks, you will not be able to use them unless you have reached 25 if the balance falls under 25 you will not be able to use the zbucks!